Nancy Shares our Values

A lifetime of public service has prepared Nancy to serve our community. Nancy shares our values, and she believes we can work together — both Democrats and Republicans — to solve our nation’s problems. Nancy is a fiscal conservative and a social moderate — exactly like most of the voters in the county. Like all of us, she’s ready to stand up to extremism of both the left and the right and help our nation restore civility and good government.
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Nancy Shares our Values

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Good schools are vital to our community. Nancy supports high standards, local control, and less federal bureaucracy.

Social Security

Nancy will defend our Social Security.  She knows workers have earned these benefits and depend on them to help provide for ourselves in our retirement years.


Our community represents one of the largest populations of veterans in the entire nation.  Nancy understands the challenges facing veterans and our military families.  She will vote to reform the VA system and treat our veterans with the respect they deserve. 

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