Pierce County Needs Nancy

A lifetime of public service has prepared Nancy to serve our community. Nancy shares our values, and she believes we can work together — both Democrats and Republicans — to solve our nation’s problems. Nancy is a fiscal conservative and a social moderate — exactly like most of the voters in the county. Like all of us, she’s ready to stand up to extremism of both the left and the right and help our nation restore civility and good government.
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Pierce County Needs Nancy

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Fully Recover from Covid

Public Health. Good Jobs. Local Small Businesses. Housing.

We need our county leaders to care about our entire community, and to care about fully recovering from Covid. We can’t ignore either the health or the economic harms of this disease. The county has been entrusted with federal and state funds to help keep us healthy and to help restore and rebuild our local economy. Nancy Slotnick will prioritize rental assistance, rebuilding our small businesses, and public health.

Protect our Property Rights and Promote Housing

New homes are needed more than ever, and the county has a good record of respecting property rights and encouraging housing — especially compared to Seattle and King County.  Nancy will be a “yes” for housing, and a “yes” for respecting property rights.

Public Safety and Public Trust

Pierce County, especially Tacoma, has seen a frightening increase in violent crime. We need more law enforcement, not less in our community. We also need to improve the trust between law enforcement and everyone in our county. Nancy will put public safety first in the county budget, and she’ll support creative ways to improve the relationship between law enforcement and our entire community. Pierce County must do better in keeping our community safe.

Lower Taxes and Fiscal Conservatism

There is a drive to raise taxes – nationally, by the state, and in our county. Massive spending is driving the “need” for massive tax increases. Pierce County should not fall into the same trap. Nancy is a fiscal conservative who will be a constant voice for more careful county budgets, and lower taxes.

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