Nancy Dailey Slotnick has a lifelong record of service to America.

A U.S. Army Veteran, Nancy enlisted after she graduated from high school and served 20 years on active duty, including a combat tour in Somalia, and 5 years in the Army Reserve.

In 1993, Nancy married her husband Jeffrey, a retired Senior Non-Commissioned Officer who had returned from combat in Desert Storm. Together the family has four children, Joshua, Sarah, Zachary, and Avinoam here in Pierce County where they all graduated from the Franklin Pierce School District.

Nancy and Jeff have instilled the ideal of service in their children. Joshua and Sarah both joined the Army at 18. Josh served four tours in combat in Iraq and is currently pursuing a degree. His wife Christine is a college professor and they are the parents of Nancy and Jeff’s first two grandchildren. Sarah served in South Korea and in combat in Afghanistan before joining the National Guard, completing her BA, then joining a small business. Zachary is active in Special Olympics and works on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Avinoam married his high school sweetheart, Lindsay, and they live in Parkland. Avinoam recently became a licensed real estate agent and Lindsay works for a Pierce county-based small business.

Nancy and Jeff together run a small business, Setracon, a firm that provides risk, security, and public safety advice for critical infrastructure, Fortune 500 Companies, schools, faith-based organizations, public utilities, and municipalities.

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